Emotionally abusive men

There are a lot of people whom others would call emotionally abusive men because of their behavior. For example, a lot of wives complain to their husbands about being emotionally abusive men because of the type of behavior they portray towards them. Emotional abuse produces quite similar results to physical one. For example, one of the main reasons for physical abuse is to hurt the person in a way that they understand the superiority of the abuser or they realize their inferiority. Emotional abuse leaves the abused in an inferior state of mind where they think they have less value than they assumed. This, in turn, gives the abuser an edge over them to control them or take advantage of them.

Physical abuse also leaves the victim in trauma of repetition of the same violence again and again. That is why the victims of physical violence try to avoid what brought the abuse onto them in the first place. Emotionally abused does the same. They strictly stay away from the activities or behaviors that would make them subject to the same type of emotional torture and hurt them where it counts most, in their hearts and minds.

Male Dominance: Emotional Abuse

It is statistically researched and proven to be true that most of the male part of the population or men are responsible for the bigger portion of the total amount of emotional abuse. Statistical studies show that due to their biologically dominating nature, men emotionally abuse women a lot. A lot of couples whether they are married or not have a dominating male who tries to control everything around them including their female counterpart. This includes their behavior and some traits associated with their personality. This kind of emotional abuse forces women to believe that they are wrong in all that they do or say. While this is not the case, at some point in the continuous abuse, women stop thinking on their own and start believing whatever the men say and think of themselves as inferior. Insecurity, loss of personality constant tension, and pressure of the chance of losing the partner force a woman to comply with the situation and give up what they are.

This kind of breakdown worsens the situation as it gives the men a bit of superiority over them which in turn, makes the women dependent. Upon losing their independence, women feel more insecure and start doing everything they can to make sure that they don’t lose their men. This is where they lose their last ace. Instead of giving in, they should keep trying and prove themselves worthy enough. That way, they can get rid of the abuse of weak men and retain their independence and personality.

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