When a person is struggling with drug abuse, receipt of drugs becomes the focus of life. The importance of family, friends, and work falls into the background as a spiral of drug abusers in drug abuse. Signs of drug abuse can vary, as different drugs cause different effects on the mental and physical health of the offender, but in general, the signs of drug abuse remain the same.

Speed vs. Slow: Drug Effects

Drugs such as cocaine act as stimulants in increasing the speed of the body. Drug addicts who become addicted to drugs like cocaine will often be unable to sleep. The metabolism of the offender and the level of blood pressure may also increase. Other drugs that slow the body, such as barbiturates, reduce blood pressure and levels of mental alertness. Even breathing addicts will slow down.

Physical Symptoms of Drug Abuse

People who struggle with drug addiction will have other physical symptoms, depending on the type of drug abuse. Those who abuse stimulants may behave in a manner or hyperactive and experience dramatic weight loss. People who abuse drugs such as barbiturates, require excessive amounts of sleep or experience sudden weight gain. They may move more slowly, showing slower speech, apparently disoriented, or seem confused.

Addicts may suddenly start to change their way of vinegar. Those who inject drugs with a needle can start wearing long-sleeved shirts all the time in the hope of hidden weapons. People who snort drugs may suffer from chronic bleeding from the nose or sinus problems.

Physical and Emotional Toll of Drug Abuse

Addicts who smoke drugs may experience frequent bronchitis or chronic cough. Their cough can produce large amounts of blood and mucus. Drug abusers who abuse drugs like methamphetamine may even be faced with serious dental problems. Emotional abuse signs of drugs are as varied as physical symptoms. For example, some addicts have difficulty monitoring their mixtures; it is easy to become angry or agitated.

Another abuser always remains cheerful, talkative, and energetic. On the other hand, some addicts may seem quiet and emotionally distant, not knowing about the world around them.

Teens investigating drug abuse may appear abrupt changes in behavior. They may suddenly start with difficulties in school or how else is removed. Some teens who use drugs are either unable to sleep or feel sleepy all the time. Maybe they made new friends, began to associate with them, or developed the habit of stealing. The combination of these factors suggests that a teenager has developed a drug addiction.

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