Drug Addiction Abuse

Bow Creek Recovery Center is your home for drug rehabilitation. We have had wonderful success with our clients. Our goal is to end drug abuse and help guide you to becoming the person you want to be. Though you may have lost yourself along the way, we continue to believe that your future is full of possibilities. We are dedicated to helping you find that happy being inside you who enjoys the pleasures this world has to offer. Our program at Bow Creek addresses the feelings and thinking that have taken over and caused you to lose sight of yourself. Some of the many drugs that we offer drug rehab for are alcohol, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, club drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana, oxycontin, and other narcotics.

Everyone can see the detrimental effects on the individual from drug abuse. It extends across all aspects of society and affects families, communities, and workplaces. Drug abuse creates criminal justice problems, contributes to domestic violence, and is a social and psychological problem. It’s a public health problem contributing to the spread of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and the very costly effects of the damage done by drugs to your body that can lead to hospitalization and even death.

Individualized Rehabilitation

At Bow Creek, our priority is the individual, and we have developed specialized programs that address you as the individual that you are. We work with you therapeutically, on one, as well as in a group. We assist you as an individual to be open to the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that led to your drug abuse. Along with this support, we offer healthy and nutritious food to nourish the body. Exercise is guided by our trainer. There’s also a weekly family group in which family and friends may attend to offer their support. This is very helpful in beginning to heal the relationships with those you care so much about. As you heal and regain your health you will again be a positive, productive member of society, a productive member of the workforce, and a positive and healthy member of your family. We know that drug abuse and drug addiction are chronic diseases that include the possibility of relapse. More than this, we are aware that it is a treatable disease. We are here to support you in your recovery so that you will know how to maintain a powerful and positive lifestyle of recovery and avoid relapse.

Drug Rehabilitation at Bow Creek

At Bow Creek, we support you in establishing your ability to discontinue drug use and gain the tools to handle the stresses of life effectively. Our goal is for you to function healthily for you individually, as a member of your family, within society, and in your chosen workplace. We have found that the best way to achieve success is through a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program. Unfortunately, the relapse rate for people who choose outpatient clinics is very high. We have found that the steps to sobriety are most successful when the process includes discussion, inner awareness, understanding, daily practice, and support. The longer-term programs are much more successful because you have time to build a solid foundation on which to attain the goals that you choose in a fully supportive environment.

Bow Creek’s drug rehabilitation program helps to support you while you are here and continues to support you through our free After Care Plan and Alumni Program to continue your success. We enjoy the calls from our former clients who share their continued success and seek our continued support. Every human needs positive support to attain their goals and desires. We believe in our clients, in your capability, and in the beauty of who you are. Our highest goal is to support you to find and be yourself. We do this by addressing your personal issues, goals, desires, and plans by supporting your choice to move in a positive direction for yourself. Make Bow Creek your place for support, caring, and honoring the real you. We do offer this to you so please accept our assistance. We genuinely offer Bow Creek Recovery Center to you as your exclusive drug treatment program.

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