Relaxation Techniques and Healing Modalities

Relaxation is a key factor in healing and well-being. Loretta uses a combination of techniques to help you connect with your inner relaxed state, your natural state of being.  Individual sessions

How To Use Progressive Muscle Relaxation To Cure Insomnia

Common causes of Sleeplessness can often be tracked down to stress and the following inability to rest. The tougher and tenser you are, the more chance you have of an

Unveiling the Reality of Emotional Abuse by Men in Relationships

Emotionally abusive men There are a lot of people whom others would call emotionally abusive men because of their behavior. For example, a lot of wives complain to their husbands about

Finding Hope and Healing: The Bow Creek Approach to Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Addiction Abuse Bow Creek Recovery Center is your home for drug rehabilitation. We have had wonderful success with our clients. Our goal is to end drug abuse and help

Unlocking Wellness: The Power of Mind-Body Connection and Life Coaching for Immune Health

Stress and Illness – The Mind-Body Connection For a very long time, people believed that stress can make you sick. But we had no way of scientific proof. With the

Unveiling the Biochemical Complexities of Addiction

Biochemical Aspects Of Addiction Ron Hubbard discovered that when a person uses drugs over some time, the body becomes unable to eliminate them all. Drugs are broken down in the

Navigating Nutrition: Overcoming Mental Blocks in Depression Management

Depression is a mental disorder, but it’s also largely a matter of neurochemistry. What you choose to put into your body affects that neurochemistry, for good or ill. For many

Fun and Creative Activities for Toddlers: Stimulating Play Ideas for Little Ones

Creative Activities For Toddlers Having a kid is a complete time job. You not only have to care and attention to your child, feed her, gown her, and clean this girl,

Cognitive Therapy for Depression: How to Get Started

Mastering Depression: Cognitive Therapy Guide Gloomy thinking is a common, painful symptom of depression. Our minds get flooded with negative thoughts about ourselves, about other people, about the world around

How Quitting Alcohol Can Improve Mental Health

Quitting Alcohol Can Help With Depression One of the most effective lifestyle changes a depressed person can make is quitting alcohol. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it can make