Relaxation is a key factor in healing and well-being.

Loretta uses a combination of techniques to help you connect with your inner relaxed state, your natural state of being.  Individual sessions are tailored to your particular needs and vary from one session to the next.  A variety of techniques are used, from personal development, movement, laughter, Reiki, music, and breathing techniques, to EFT and meditation.


Reiki is a gentle healing energy sharing, allowing your body and mind to relax into calmness. Distance Reiki is available as energy is not bound by time or space, and as such can be activated anywhere. You get to receive the relaxing energy of Reiki in the comfort of your own space.  In-person sessions are available by appointment.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching allows you time and space to relax into recognizing the patterns that may be holding you back, releasing the old conditioning, to then being able to recalibrate your life to reflect your unique way of Being. Workshops are available for private and corporate groups, allowing people to come together to learn and practice relaxation techniques.

Great for workplace staff well-being and development days, sports, social, and private groups.  Loretta combines a range of modalities, intuition, university study, and life experiences, to provide practical skills for relaxation and well-being.  A variety of techniques are tailored to your group’s needs and may include; laughter yoga, personal development, movement, breathing techniques, EFT, and meditation.

Relax into healthy cells

Do you want to feel more vibrant, have more energy, improve focus and drive, have faster recovery after activities, have clearer skin, and feel more fluid in body and mind?  Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) can help with all of that and more.  RSM is part of the cell function of every living thing on earth, our bodies produce it naturally.  However, as we age we produce less, and our bodies do not rebuild like they did when we were young.  Enter the brilliance of RSM technology, click here to find out more.

A bit about Loretta: Loretta’s interest in Relaxation sparked in the early 2000’s, when she began the process of recovery following a major health challenge.  Detoxing the body was the first step, detoxing the mind and emotional being was next, and the continual maintenance of health and well-being is an everyday process for her. Undertaking a range of skill sets to help and heal herself, Loretta now blends these skills into tailored individual sessions and group workshops, facilitating a space for healing and growth.

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