Breathing To Lose Belly Fat And Burn Calories.

A great number of people have taken breathing for granted. It happens automatically, so we do not have to think about it before we do it. It is free, so we do not have to pay for it.

The Origin Of Health And Breath

Let us think about this for a moment. Let’s cast our minds back to the time of birth. Many of us who have witnessed the birth of a baby, ( I am one of them because I am a father of four ). will agree with me that most babies when they are first born, come out of the womb without breathing. Oftentimes it takes a slap on the buttocks from the doctor or midwife to start up the breathing with a cry. It is then and only then they will say the baby is alive and healthy. That “ breath of life” that gets into our lungs at birth and starts the heart beating and every other system working are the “God in Man.” Our bodies are lifeless at birth until we take in the first breath of air. Everything is so free and automatic that we soon forget that breath is life and breath is health. So if we remember that breath is health and life, all we need to do is apply breathing to all situations of irregular health or sickness. I am not saying that my Christian and Islamic brothers and sisters should not apply a little prayer too.

What Is Belly Fat

Belly Fat occurs due to overeating or excess intake of food and liquids or hereditary. The excess carbohydrate gets converted into fat and stored around the mid-body and belly. Then our body system is not in equilibrium or good health. For the body to be in equilibrium or good health, the output must be equal to the input. This means that what we excrete must be equal to what we eat. This is a simplistic way of looking at digestion, absorption, and excretion. The problem begins when what we eat is not digested or excreted, then constipation sets in.

 How Does Breathing Help Belly Fat

 Breathing or respiration controls our digestion, absorption, and bowel movement. It also controls the burning of calories. Therefore, well controlled breathing is done properly as shown in the processes of Breath-no-therapy will restore irregularity, digestion, and respiration. A good amount of sweat will open up your pores and excrete excess sodium, calcium, and sugars that could be stored as fat and facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Belly fat converted to calories is burned up during this exercise.

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