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When it comes to what your body needs, it’s simple — the small changes are the ones that make the biggest difference in your life. So if you’re not sure if you’re getting the vitamins and minerals you need throughout the day, there’s an easier way to approach everyday nutrition that will help you feel better — and live better. Yes, there is a new and better way to take a deep breath to be a member of today’s good health generation compared to what you are doing now or in the past. Call it a “deep breathing exercise”, if you will.

Very few of us know what a deep breath for health is because we were all taught to think that good deep breathing exercises simply consist of straining our rib cage up. Doing so is not a deep breathing exercise and also does feel good. There is a much better and more effective way of doing deep breathing exercises.

Mastering Deep Breaths

The key to deep breathing exercises is to use the stomach, instead of mainly your chest. Inhale a deep breath and then force the stomach out. Doing that in effect pulls the diaphragm down. Your diaphragm is a strong body muscle, which has the effect of pulling down the lungs, which permits air to travel deep down into the lungs. When you exhale you need to do the reverse by sucking in your stomach, using your stomach muscles. The effect of pulling your stomach is pulling your diaphragm to move up and effectively pushing the strong breath out of the lungs.

Optimal Deep Breathing: 4×4 Method

A respected doctor recommends doing about 4-seconds of deep breaths 4 seconds of air in vs 4 seconds to complete 4 seconds now that is a real “deep breath” that can help your breathing and lung health, and even the best way to effectively and freely handle life stress. In addition, it’s one of the most effective ways to deal with asthma naturally and without asthma medication. There is considerable doctors’ evidence which indicates filling your lungs with air is of value to everyone, especially for emphysema lung disease and asthma sufferers. More health advice and free health tips can be found on the web medical doctor.

Remember, there is no real need to do hard work for exercise such as rational running to help lung fitness and your cardiovascular system, or seeing a personal yoga instructor to help relieve stress, and maintain healthy lungs and good breathing. Adhering to a deep breathing exercise program may be all you need for your lung condition and reduction in stress as another benefit.

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